Baby Boomers Downsize to simple furniture

Furniture House at vanguard of cutting edge trends

SARATOGA LAKE — With Gen Xers and late baby boomers adopting more active lifestyles and seeking greater social connections, many are moving into smaller homes, whether it’s an upscale urban townhouse, a suburban condominium, or charming small-town cottage.

Such an evolution calls for re-thinking traditional furniture, which hasn’t changed much in decades, according to Mario DiSiena, owner of The Furniture House in Saratoga Lake and Queensbury.

With lifestyles evolving and people’s needs changing, interior design and furniture need to change as well, he said as he walked through showrooms in his expansive Saratoga Lake store.

Residential floor plans are becoming more fluid, with traditional layouts of living and dining rooms giving way to Great Rooms that combine kitchens and dining rooms with living and family rooms, he said.

Furniture needs to change to reflect this evolution, DiSiena said, adding that the traditional sofa, loveseat, and sectional are as dated as the old station wagon.


Photo by Thom Randall


He said that Furniture House’s “conversation sofas” are ideal for contemporary lifestyles — as they are gently curved or angled so people can comfortably enjoy eye contact while they are socializing.

The conversation sofas’ angled shape also allows greater flexibility in arranging a room’s furnishings, he said. While linear traditional sofas typically need to be set against a long windowless wall, a conversation sofa can be set nearly anywhere at oblique angles, enhancing or creating new, intriguing focal points in a room while allowing more flexibility in traffic patterns.



Photo by Thom Randall

The emergence of smaller homes is prompting people to seek greater functionality in their furniture, DiSiena said as he walked up to a buffet/server, which features a pull-out dining room table which can host up to eight people as well as providing a wine rack and storage for liquor and wine glasses. Demonstrating its multi-tasking features, DiSiena pulled open a drawer in the buffet/server which revealed that it elegantly and conveniently stores the dining table’s leaves.

“Many people who are downsizing don’t want a big dining room table, they want an efficient one, but when company comes, they also want to be able to accommodate their guests in style,” he said.


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